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Here are the FAQS for the upcoming PIN + PATCH Show!
If we missed anything please let us know and we will it add to the list :)

Show Date and Hours
Saturday, October 14th
, 2023
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Schedule for the day
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Load in
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Entry for paid VIP ticket holders
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM: Entry for FREE general admission
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM: Load out

Venue location

The Parkdale Hall

1605 Queen St W #2, Toronto, ON M6R 1A9

We will be heavily promoting PPS on Instagram leading up to the event date. Thank you to those that submitted photos and captions! Please like and share ours and everyone else's posts to help spread the word, and to encourage engagement for visibility! We really appreciate you posting about the show on your social platforms and websites too. Let your followers and potential customers know where you'll be on October 14th and what specials you will offer :)

"I'm a Vendor" graphics have been emailed!

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Check in with the PPS team upon your arrival. Ensure that you are ready to begin selling as soon as doors open at 10 AM.
ATTENTION: If you are not inside the venue by 9:50 AM we'll assume you will not be participating at the event and you are forfeiting your table. We will also not be checking emails or messages on show day.


Where do I load in?

Please load in through the FRONT entrance (facing Queen St West). There will be a table for you to check in and receive your badges, as well as to drop off your swag! (Each vendor will be given 2 badges).

What time should I arrive?

Vendors may come into the venue anytime after 8:30am. We highly recommend being there by 9:00am in order to be fully prepared for VIP hour, which starts at 10:00am. Judging by previous years, we expect the first few hours at the show to be extremely busy!

Is there parking nearby? 

The venue has a parking lot across the street. In the event that it's full or unavailable when you arrive, there's a Green P parking lot located one block east of the venue at Queen and Callender. 


Click here to view the floorplan!

(Please note the floorplan is now finalized and there will be no changes.)

Is there Wi-Fi? 

Yes! The network is "The Parkdale Hall" and the password is "1605parkdale"
However, we highly recommend that you be prepared to use your own data incase the venue's connection is not strong. Please do not share this info with anyone other than your staff, the more people using it the slower it will be.


6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Vendor load-out happens from 6:00pm until 6:30pm. All vendors must leave by 6:30pm, as the hosts/volunteers need to clear out all tables and chairs before 7:00pm so we can fully vacate the venue by that time. Please take all of your belongings with you, and leave your space exactly how you found it (otherwise the venue will charge you a cleaning fee)!


What are swag bags?

We'll be giving out bags full of items contributed by vendors to the first 50 people (ages 10+) in line at the show. This always brings in a ton of attendees! Typically, people line up hours in advance to get one. 

What kind of items can I contribute?

Thank you for contributing! In the past, vendors have donated small items like buttons, stickers, pins/patches, coupons, etc. Although there will be 50 bags in total, you can contribute as many or as few items as you'd like! The contents of each swag bag can also be different, so feel free to give a mix of different items. We will be handing them out at 9:45am before the VIP entry at 10am. Endless thanks for helping us promote the event even more!

How do I get my swag bag items to you?

We'll have a swag drop-off spot on the day of the show, next to our check-in table. Swag must be dropped off by 9:15am in order to be included in the bags.


What can I sell at the show?

At least 90% of what is displayed for sale at your table MUST be pins and/or patches - no exceptions. Shoppers come to this event specifically looking for pins and patches, so our aim is to keep it as focused as possible. You may display other items (stickers, tote bags, prints, etc) but it must only make up 10% (or less) of your items in total. So for example, if you've got 50 different pins and/or patches for sale, you may offer up to 5 items that fall into the "other" category. If you break this rule at any time during the event, you will be asked to remove the extra items, and it may impact your acceptance into future shows.

How many products should I bring?
This is completely your discretion, as we are not able to provide quantity recommendations for your products. Simply put, bring more than what you think you will sell. It's always safe to have too much than too little. At our last in-person event, over 2000 people attended and several vendors sold out of their popular items!


Are gachas and/or surprise bags allowed?

Yes, any surprise items are alright, assuming that the item(s) the customer could receive as their "surprise" are of equal value. Offering different value surprise items for the same price would be considered a form of gambling, which is prohibited at the show.

Are stamp rallies allowed?

At this time, we have decided not to allow stamp rallies at the show, due to it potentially conflicting with our rules regarding gaming and raffles.

What types of payment should I accept?
We encourage you to use a POS system (such as Square) to accept credit/debit cards. From past experience, attendees tend to have limited cash on hand and prefer the ease of contactless payments. Please make sure your phones/devices are charged in advance of the show, as there is no guarantee there will be an available outlet to charge your devices.

Can I bring a helper for my table?

Yes, each vendor is allowed to have one helper. All vendors will receive two vendor badges upon check-in, and all vendors/helpers must be visibly wearing their vendor badge at all times during the show. At no point can any vendor have more than two people (vendor included) behind their table space, regardless of table space size. Anyone behind your table MUST be wearing a vendor badge. Due to security/safety issues, if we see anyone without a vendor badge behind someone's table, they will be removed from the show.

IMPORTANT: At least one person MUST be at your table for the entire duration of the event from 10 am to 6pm (either yourself or your staff). We are not held responsible for your belongings which includes products, displays, and anything you bring into the venue.

Can I bring food and/or drinks?
Vendors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks into the venue. But please remember to keep your space clean to avoid a cleaning fee from the venue!

Are their washrooms?
There are multiple all-gender washrooms located inside the venue on the main floor, and they will be clearly marked on the floorplan. Certain washrooms will be labelled as vendors only, to help avoid any lineups.

Please do not obstruct your table neighbours and their potential customers with your displays (this includes additional lighting). You will be asked to rearrange any objects necessary to ensure fair visibility to everyone, so please be mindful. Please also note that your dedicated space is on the table only - additional floor displays or side tables are not permitted.

How high can my display be?

For safety reasons, no vendor displays (this includes lighting) can be higher than 8 feet tall (this includes the height of the table, which is roughly 29").

Are backdrops allowed behind tables?

Due to very limited space in the venue, we ask that any backdrops/banners be placed flush against the back of your table throughout the duration of the show. Having them placed any further behind your table can create a safety hazard for other vendors, as space will be very tight during the show. Additionally, you may not block any exits/pathways near your table.

Are tablecloths provided?

No, we will not be providing any tablecloths or table coverings of any kind, so please bring your own.

If there's a wall behind/near my table, can I tape/attach something to it?

No, using tape (or other types of adhesive) on the walls/floors is prohibited, as per the venue's very strict rules. Any vendor who breaks this rule will be held liable for cleanup fees charged by the venue. 

Tables and Chairs
Full tables are 8 ft in length and approximately 30" wide. For vendors with a half table, you will be sharing an 8 ft table with another vendor, and will have 4 ft of table space to display your products. One chair will be provided to each vendor (unless you requested a second chair on your application form). If you require additional chairs or you are bringing your own, you must let us know by October 1st.

For those that have a full (8 ft) table: If you would like to bring your own table and chair(s), please let us know before October 1st so we can leave your space empty for a smooth move-in!

For those that have a half (4 ft) table: You must use the table provided as you are sharing half of your space with a neighbour, but if you are bringing your own chair please let us know by October 1st.

What are VIP tickets?
We are offering a VIP ticket option again to grant attendees early access to the event! More info can be found here


We highly recommend keeping your cash/valuables on you at all times due to the possibility of theft. While we've never had any incidents at our previous shows, there's a known theft ring that sometimes attends conventions across Ontario, looking to grab cash boxes from vendors. If you see anything unusual or suspicious during the show, please report it to Britt, Queenie, or one of the volunteers as soon as possible.

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